Discover Pilates!

Pilates is a holistic body training system aimed at developing better balance and flexibility by activating the deeper musculature through flowing movements in combination with breathing exercises.


Classic Pilates training is based on the following principals:

Concentration, Breathing, Centring, Control, Precision and Flow of movement


Pilates Mat Training as Personal Training

The most intensive way to learn the Pilates Method is through personal training.
We will work together to develop an exercise program according to your specific desires and needs in order to achieve the best possible results.


Pilates Mat Training with a Partner

You will learn the Pilates Method in a relaxed and supportive atmosphere together with a partner.  Re-harmonise your body and mind.


Pilates Mat Training in a Group

If you wish to experience the Pilates training in a small-group setting (max. 5 participants) but cannot participate in standard courses due to time restrictions, talk to us: we can arrange dates and times to suit the group.